-Hair Growth Tips- 


Discontinue the frequent use of rubber bands and hair ties that can pull and break your babies delicate hair.


Daily shampooing will dry your babies hair out. Wash Day should only be once a week.


Avoid high tension hairstyles. Too tight of styles can cause breakage and alopecia.


Make sure your child is hydrated, eats balanced meals, and getting plenty of rest.


Keep hair moisturized with a spray of water and Gro Baby Gro Organic Leave-In Conditioner. 


When applying leave-in conditioner, always gently massage product into scalp to increase blood flow to scalp.


Don't smother your babies hair with hats, beanies & turbans. Let your babies hair breathe. Air flow is great for the scalp.


Never detangle a child's hair while it is dry. Always wet the hair with water first.

* hair tips are universal 


For extra protection, use a satin sheet or pillow case when putting your baby down to sleep. This prevents pulling and drying out the hair.


After conditioning babies/your hair rinse with lukewarm or cool water to close the hair shaft.


Gently comb your babies hair every other day to avoid tangling and matting.


Always comb and brush hair in the direction of babies natural growth pattern.


Create a hair washing routine for your child and make sure your child is calm and stress free when washing & styling their hair. 


Curly hair requires more moisture naturally then straight hair.


Babies have soft and light weight hair. A little product goes a long way.


Remember, all children have different hair growth rates, textures, and densities. 

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We are a handmade all natural hair growth company that specializes in using nature’s resources to revitalize & grow your babies hair. Our formula not only works for baby but mama can use our products to reverse postpartum alopecia and any other hair thinning issues. 

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