Our NEW Healing Herbal Bath Tea is just what you & your child need to heal your mind, body, & soul from sickness, allergies, & anxiety. We have handpicked the best herbs to target body aches, respiratory health, insomnia, immune health, & relaxation.

Includes: 1 wooden scoop & 3 reusable tea bags 

size: 10 oz.

H E A L I N G Herbal Bath Tea

    • Soothes achy muscles & joints 
    • Relieves congestion, headaches, and gives ease of breathing 
    • Calms the mind & body by making you feel sleepy 
    • Reduces anxiety 
    • Improves immune support by stifling a cold before it begins
    • Can be used as a spiritual bath & for meditation 

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We are a handmade all natural hair growth company that specializes in using nature’s resources to revitalize & grow your babies hair. Our formula not only works for baby but mama can use our products to reverse postpartum alopecia and any other hair thinning issues.

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