Our NEW Luxe Beard Grooming Kit is just what you need to take your beard care to the next level. This is the perfect growth & moisturizing kit for your beard and mustache. The Luxe Beard Grooming Kit will hydrate, nourish, & maximize length to your beard grooming regime.

 Exclusive 6 piece grooming set includes:

  • 4oz. Cleansing Beard Wash
  • 4oz. Softening Beard Conditioner
  • 2oz. Beard Balm 
  • 2oz. Beard Growth Oil 
  • 1 Wooden Comb
  • 1 Canvas Travel Bag


Luxe Beard Grooming Kit

    • Wash & Condition beard 1-2x a week with lukewarm water. Rinse beard with cold water. Lather & rinse your beard at least twice with Beard Wash for every beard wash day.
    • Do Not wash your beard everyday; this will cause extreme dryness.
    • Do Not use "hair shampoo" on your beard.
    • Beard Conditioner can be used as a co-wash 2-3x a week.
    • Use your Beard Balm to moisturize and style your beard ( hold in place).
    • Use Beard Oil to give beard shine and moisturize skin underneath.
    • Exfoliated your beard with a scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells and reduce ingrown hairs/pimples.
    • ONLY use your wooden comb to detangle beard. Other combs will cause breakage.
    • To reduce breakage & dryness sleep with a satin pillow case. 

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We are a handmade all natural hair growth company that specializes in using nature’s resources to revitalize & grow your babies hair. Our formula not only works for baby but mama can use our products to reverse postpartum alopecia and any other hair thinning issues. 

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