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Got Alopecia? Got Thin Edges? Got Bald Spots?
Stubborn hair growth just got a little easier with the New Organic Hair Growth Balm that can be easily applied to the scalp daily with only a finger. Gently massage this hair balm on your hair line and any other thinning areas consistently and watch your hair blossom in weeks!
Size: 4oz.

Organic Hair Growth Balm

    • Can be used to grease/oil your scalp
    • Increases moisture retention in hair when used with our Organic Leave-In Conditioner
    • Maximixe your hair growth when you pair with our Peppermint Castor Stimulating Growth Oil.
    • Adds luster and shine to hair; reduces frizz 
    • Makes hair soft and more manable 
    • Great for spot treatments of alopecia, bald spots, and thinning edges
    • Safe for babies, kids, and adults
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